This is another type of All-in-One Solar Generator tagged Vigorous. Its specially a designed and built with the latest technology, come in different sizes, capacities, light weight, easy to carry, safe and reliable, the best solar generators available today. It’s simply an off-grid power generation made with high quality components with streamlined manufacturing to provide you with absolute BEST solar generator at minima possible prices.

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VXL1000 1kWh

720,000.00 690,000.00

VXL2000 2kWh

1,340,000.00 1,280,000.00

VXL3000 3kWh

1,820,000.00 1,670,000.00

VXL500 500Wh

640,000.00 590,000.00


2,570,000.00 2,525,000.00


5,850,000.00 5,770,000.00


3,380,000.00 3,250,000.00


4,520,000.00 4,400,000.00


4,930,000.00 4,810,000.00
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