All-In-One LifePO Battery Type Solar Generator

This lightweight device is silent enough to use at the office, yet strong enough to serve at job sites. Now you can power your power tools and other devices off the grid without the fuel, fumes or the noise of your old traditional gasoline-powered generator.

Ideal for: Laptops, Tablets, Lights, Mini Fridge, Power tool charging, TV/Satellite, Medical Equipment, LED Floodlights, Camping, Party, Outdoor use. Emergency power and backup power.

Application Areas:

Multi-functional portable AC&DC power station can be applied for Medicaid, emergency communication, environment monitoring, firefighting, army field practice, outdoor work, household power outage as well as remote rural without electricity, advertising media for outdoor shooting,

Except for above this normal application, it also can be used in tasks and administration, such as installation and maintenance of telecom network optimization, the army information technology company, the geographical survey task force, miners oil exploration team, architectural survey, water detection, investigation on wild resources of forestry agriculture and so on.

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