VXL3000 3kWh

All-In-One Li-Ion Type Solar Generator

This lightweight device is silent enough to use at the office, yet strong enough to serve at job sites. Now you can power your laptops, lamps, small power tools and other devices off the grid without the fuel, fumes or the noise of your old traditional gasoline-powered generator.

Multi-output ports: Equipped with AC Outlet, USB Port, DC 12V Port.

It powers small electronics: Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, Laptop, Drones, Fan, Light and other low power device.

Three Methods to recharge it, simply plug it into

  • Wall socket
  • Car 12v port
  • Solar panel

Delivery Packed with:

1 x Power Generator, 1 x User Manual, 1 x AC Wall adapter,
1 x Plug adapter, 2 x 200w folding/200w solar panels, 1 x MPPT charge controller, 2 x MC4 cables and  1 x Charging cable

In Stock

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